Workact is a so-called "Work First" measure aimed at young adults up to 30 years without completing their professional education.

They must:

• fine-tune their personality through their own initiative and work in teams

• Develop a new perspective on their own biography

• take responsibility, learn self-evaluation and learning to present themselves

• find a suitable education or employment.


Workact combines theater pedagogical methods and working on one's own biography with creative and classic methods of application management. Internships and coaching complete this process within the project.

The project is divided into two stages:

In the first phase, participants work on a play from idea to première. They are supported by theater educators and if necessary additional professionals (for: body work, talking, singing, dancing, staging, masks and tailoring, sound and light technology, stagebuilding etc.). Parallel to this an intensive application training will take place supported by the theater pedagogic work and its analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses.



At the same time businesses are recruited to participate, where possible actively, in the realization of the play (e.g. through in-kind contributions such as carpentry, staging, barber, mask, acoustics, etc.) and to make first contacts between the participating young adults and companies.

The theater-première is the end of the first part.

The second phase of the project consists of an internship that the young adults will take at one of the previously acquired companies. De participants are constantly supported and coached by the supervising social worker. A regular reflection of the practice situation (also with theater pedagogical methods) helps to prevent conflicts in the workplace and create a stable basis for the transition into education or work.