The situation

People over 50 looking for work usually have valuable professional and life experiences, skills and resources that lie fallow by the situation of unemployment. The group to 25 years often has little to no experience and diminished realistic expectations about their future career and life perspectives. And still a lot of young people, even after a successful high school, miss out on the direct access to an education. With the Project Workact2Connect TPS concentrates the challenge of demographic change on the labor market and the simultaneous disorientation and searching for a sense of purpose of youth. The labor market in the future will be more shaped by an aging workforce.

For whom

Workact2Connect is aimed at job seekers up to 30 years and above 50 years.


Workact2Connect offers opportunities for:

-a review of the own social perspectives

-integration in education or work

-especially for under-30 qualification for an apprenticeship

-especially for 50-plus strengthening and consolidation of the professional profile or create a new professional profile

-professional (re)orientation and competence mediation

-personalitydevelopment through self-initiative and teamwork



Workact2Connect combines theater pedagogical methods and biography work with classic and creative application management. Here, the qualification takes place individually, target-specific under-30 and 50-plus, but also in joint units from both audiences. Internships in the realistic aspired professional disciplines or apprenticeships plus an intense social pedagogical coaching complete the process within the project. Thus, a link between sustainable self-development and effective job search is created.



A project in two phases

In the first six-month phase the participants develop a play from idea up to the première. Their interests, skills and experiences contribute to the play. In drawing up the game, they are supported by theater educators and professionals from other disciplines and artistic formats. Supplementary by intensive application training and biography-work the practice deployment in the second phase of the project will be prepared. Companies are recruited for the second phase. The public theater première is the culmination of the first projectphase and concludes it.

In the second five-month phase, the trainee workplacement takes place. A regular, social and theater pedagogical reflection on the practical situation helps to interact with conflicts within the company and create a stable basis for the transition to work or training.