The circumstances

In Europe approximately 15% of all children grow up with only one parent. The reconciliation of work and family is a great challenge for many single parents. They therefore often are faced with the consideration of taking on a new professional challenge. And are then often faced with problems such as lack of child care, unsatisfactory part-time positions in the labor market or rapid changes of job profiles by technological progress which can lead to discouragement and resignation. With WorkactFamily The Project Store approaches the problems of life planning and job-integration of single parents through a comprehensive, relevant support, tailored to their needs.

For whom

WorkactFamily is focused on job seeker single parents who are looking to support new ways of working, professional training and life planning. In addition, social security claimants can be addressed, who strictly speaking are not single parents, but for a longer period of time have come through pedagogic related cause on a large(r) distance from the labor market. The project is carried out part-time (20 hours), depending on the family situation of the individual participants


Workact Family offers the opportunity for:

-improvement of the employability through strengthening personal qualities and team skills of the participants

-integration in education or work

-development of the intrinsic organizational ability to combine work and family

-the strengthening of personality by developing implementationcompetencies.

-targets to pursue and develop the perseverance to achieve this

-training of professional knowledge and skills in the disciplines required for the realization of the game

-training of general skills for successful (re) entry into employment: computer skills, team and customer oriented behavior in the workplace, etc.


WorkactFamily combines methods of theater pedagogy and biography work with classic application management. The theme of WorkactFamily is the constant motivation work for activating realizationcompetencies of single parents for a positive future career and family. Internships in realistic pursued professions or work experience places and an intensive social pedagogical coaching finish this proces. In this way, a connection is created between sustainable personalitydevelopment and effective applications. In order to facilitate the access to the project, child care in co-operation with the partners is offered on location from the beginning.